James Crosby | 9/3/2013, 1:28 p.m.
The 5th Annual Bringing America Back to Life Symposium is set for March 7th and 8th, 2014. The final agenda ...

The 5th Annual Bringing America Back to Life Symposium is set for March 7th and 8th, 2014. The final agenda and speaker roster will be announced shortly. CRTL has noted that fundraising to support this, one of the leading pro-life meetings in the country, is already in high gear. "Major donors have already begun making commitments to support this event and many have already submitted their contributions", notes Molly Smith, President of CRTL. "We expect this program to attract over 1200 people over the course of two days of intensive education and motivation of our prolife supporters. We anticipate 2014 will be a repeat of our 2013 symposium which sold out several days prior to the event", concluded Smith.

While numerous topics will be included in the two day program, CRTL has announced that one of the focus topics will be the Obama administration's 'war on black women' in America. "As the nation recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "Dream speech", it is quite ironic that the organizers chose the President to speak when it is he who is waging a war on black women through his 'anti-life policies' " notes Jerry C. Cirino, CRTL Board member. "If we look at the statistics, we see that one of the most dangerous places for a black female today is the womb of her mother. The President doesn't seem to care about them. Nor does he care about the proven physical, emotional and spiritual damage done to black women who are having these abortions", continued Cirino. "I am convinced that Dr. King would be appalled to see a black President presiding over this war on black women and children", Cirino continued.

"At the Symposium we will arm our supporters with information that will help them convey to the African American public that President Obama, the Democratic Party and some Republican politicians who support abortion on demand are, in fact, waging this war on black women and children", notes Molly Smith. CRTL invites any of the numerous women's organizations and civil rights activists to express their concern over this 'war' and to support CRTL efforts to stop this major civil rights debacle.