Ingenuity Cleveland Launches GoFundMe Campaign to “Make Ingenuity Awesome” for 2013 Through Support from Individuals

James Crosby | 9/4/2013, 12:02 p.m.
Ingenuity Cleveland has launched a GoFundMe campaign with a video asking people to donate as the non-profit attempts to raise ...

Cleveland, OH— (September 3, 2013) Ingenuity Cleveland has launched a GoFundMe campaign with a video asking people to donate as the non-profit attempts to raise $10,000 to cover additional attractions for the “free” 2013 IngenuityFest, presented by Scene Magazine. The Festival will take place September 20-22 at Docks 30 and 32 North of FirstEnergy (Browns) Stadium and on Cleveland’s lakefront.

Ingenuity Cleveland is a non-profit organization that explores where humanity and technology connect. It produces educational and entertaining events throughout the year including technology workshops, artists residencies, a Mini Maker Faire, and more. All of this culminates into IngenuityFest – three days of music, art, dance, theater, technology, maker projects, food, science, innovation, and more.

“Everything we do is funded through foundations, corporations, and major donors. This allows us to pay for the performers, lights, electricity, staging, port-o-potties, and all the stuff we need to put on a Festival for over 40,000 people. But, we need your help to pay for one more thing. The awesome,” says James Krouse, artistic director for Ingenuity Cleveland.

In a video created for the GoFundMe campaign, Krouse discusses in detail why Ingenuity is raising more dollars to produce an even better IngenuityFest experience for Festival-goers.

“With $10,000 worth of awesome, we can pay for awesome things,” Krouse explains in the video. “Things like more lights, shorter beer lines because we can pay more awesome bartenders, better t-shirts for our awesome volunteers, better stages, more soldering kits for kids to learn soldering on, more glowing/lighting up things, and more signage so you can find out where the awesome is!”

“Your contribution means the difference between ‘Pretty Good for Cleveland’ and ‘That’s Awesome! I Wish I Lived In Cleveland,’” says Grooms. “All joking aside, that’s where we need to be. IngenuityFest is gaining national attention as an eclectic, cutting edge event. But, our budgets are small and our operation is lean, so $10,000 makes a huge impact on what we are able to do on the lakefront later this month.”

Those who donate to the GoFundMe campaign called “Make Ingenuity Awesome” will receive special gifts for their contribution including “I MADE AWESOME HAPPEN” t-shirts, buttons, stickers, tickets to the September 19 preview party, VIP Festival tickets, parking vouchers, and more depending on the level of donation. Donors even have the opportunity to have their name placed on something at the Festival or to be crowned the King or Queen of Awesome.

“Tell people how awesome Ingenuity is and ask if they can chip in. This is a chance for Cleveland to show off what it is and what it can be. Use all your great social media tools to spread the word,” says Grooms.

Visit the “Make Ingenuity Awesome” GoFundMe campaign page at http://www.gofundme.com/ingenuitycleveland.

To see the video created for the Ingenuity GoFundMe campaign, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG38bEECqVQ.

To learn more about IngenuityFest 2013, visit www.ingenuitycleveland.com.