State Assists Elderly and Disabled Ohioans

4/9/2014, 8:20 a.m.

Elderly and low-income disabled Ohioans will receive help accessing services that allow them to live independently. Controlling Board approved $315,000 for the Resident Services Coordinator Program.

“Along with the Department of Aging, we are providing elderly and disabled Ohioans the resources they need to live independently and be active in the community,” said David Goodman, director of the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Resident service coordinators help tenants maintain their apartments, identify community services, resolve conflicts and increase access to housing for people with disabilities. In the past year, service providers have secured donations of food, clothing and health screenings for clients, as well as helped clients identify education and wellness programs. The funding will assist approximately 1,469 low-income elderly and disabled Ohioans. The Ohio Department of Aging will distribute funding to 10 nonprofit organizations that serve 17 properties.

“The Residential Services Coordinator Program helps our elders and low-income disabled adults live with dignity and respect in the settings they prefer,” said Bonnie K. Burman, Sc.D., director of the Ohio Department of Aging, which administers the program with funds from the Ohio Development Services Agency.

“It gives each person the opportunity to remain engaged in his or her community and continue to grow, thrive and contribute.”

The Ohio Department of Aging selects the award recipients, monitors the sites, collects the reports and provides technical assistance to the resident service coordinators and their supervisors. The Ohio Development Services Agency provides the funding for the program through the Ohio Housing Trust Fund.