Taylor Announces Department of Insurance to Hold Statewide

“Welcome to Medicare” Events

4/9/2014, 8:03 a.m.

COLUMBUS – Lieutenant Governor and Department of Insurance Director Mary Taylor announced today that the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program

(OSHIIP) will hold a total of 19 “Welcome to Medicare” events across Ohio in April and May. The events will help consumers and their families understand the basics of Medicare.

“In 2013, the Department’s OSHIIP program helped Ohioans save more than $16 million,” Taylor said. “With events scheduled in every region of the state this spring, I encourage Ohioans who recently enrolled in Medicare or those becoming eligible later this year to attend and learn more about their coverage options.”

OSHIIP is the state’s official source for free and unbiased Medicare information and counseling. OSHIIP helped more than 160,000 Ohioans with Medicare save a record $16.4 million in 2013. The figure includes a record $8.96 million saved during the Fall open enrollment period.

The events provide an opportunity for consumers to learn about the benefits provided by Medicare and important deadlines that must be met. In addition,

specifics about Medicare Advantage plans, supplemental health insurance, prescription drug coverage, and financial assistance programs to help beneficiaries pay Medicare’s Part B premium and prescription drug out-of-pocket expenses will be provided.

Here is a complete list of “Welcome to Medicare” events, which start at 6 p.m.:

Cuyahoga County – Beachwood – April 14

Beachwood Community Center; 25325 Fairmount Blvd.

Cuyahoga County – Strongsville – May 1

Cuyahoga County – Fairview Park – May 6

The Gemini Center Oak and Birch Rooms; 21225 Lorain Rd.

Cuyahoga County – Cleveland – May 12

Cleveland Food Bank; 15500 S. Waterloo Rd.

For more information about these events and Medicare, call OSHIIP at 1-800-686-1578 and visit www.insurance.ohio.gov. You can follow OSHIIP on Facebook at