Ohio’s Truck Driving Championships

7/8/2014, 11:50 a.m.

Cleveland, OH – The Ohio Trucking Association held its 2014 Truck Driving Championships (TDC) with ten classes including an exhibition military class. The top individual in each class (excluding the exhibition Military Class) will have the opportunity to compete in the National Truck Driving Championships – August 12th – 16th at David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. This year Ohio was proud to be the first state in the nation to host a military class in their championships.

Over 140 professional truck drivers including members of the Ohio Army National Guard competed in the two day event held at the I-X Center in Cleveland, June 6th & 7th.

The Ohio Truck Driving Championships was started in 1948, hosted ten different classes based on the type of equipment driven. Each contestant is graded on a written test, a pre-trip inspection and competition of an obstacle course testing their driving ability.

The Ohio Trucking Association is proud to announce the winners of each class along with awards given to individuals and team.


  1. SGT. Brad Hughes (OH Army National Guard – Walbridge, OH) Hometown - Celina

  2. V23 - SGT. Joshua Prokop (OH Army National Guard – Walbridge, OH) Hometown – Wadsworth

  3. SGT. Corey Otero (OH Army National Guard – Walbridge, OH) Hometown - Elyria


  1. Steven Brand (FedEx Freight) Hometown - Union

  2. Wayde Huddleston (R + L Carriers) Hometown - Amherst

  3. Paul Savill (UPS Freight) Hometown - Hamilton


  1. Mark Hewitt (YRC Freight) Hometown - Lorain

  2. Jeff Pentrack (Pitt Ohio) Hometown – Canal Winchester

  3. Martin Marxen (UPS Freight) Hometown - Brunswick


  1. Scott Woodrome (FedEx Freight) Hometown - Middletown

  2. Elijah Daniels (Con-way Freight) Hometown - Bellefontaine

  3. Michael Jackson (Pitt Ohio) Hometown - Lancaster


  1. Jason Imhoff (Walmart – Grove City Terminal) Hometown - Ashland

  2. Randy Broderick (FedEx Freight) Hometown- Shelby

  3. Phillip Gammella (Pitt Ohio) Hometown - Brunswick


  1. Garry Wright (Walmart – Grove City Terminal) Hometown - Delaware

  2. David Hammock (FedEx Freight) Hometown - Crestline

  3. Robert Keaton (FedEx Ground) Hometown - Amanda


  1. Andrew Tuck (FedEx Ground) Hometown - Xenia

  2. Matthew Chase (FedEx Ground) Hometown - Shelby

  3. Matthew Hall (FedEx Ground) Hometown - Hartville


  1. Erik Johnson (Pitt Ohio) Hometown - Lebanon

  2. Scott Newcome (FedEx Ground) Hometown - Akron

  3. Warren Tate (FedEx Freight) Hometown - Dayton


  1. David Peters, II (Martin Brower) Hometown - Christianburg

  2. Russell Simpson (Holland) Hometown – South Vienna

  3. Ronald Hawkins, Jr. (K-Limited Carriers, LTD) Hometown - Perrysburg


  1. John Free (Con-way Freight) Hometown - Greenfield

  2. William Dusenberry (Con-way Freight) Hometown Austintown

  3. Jeffrey Mefford (YRC Freight – Hometown - Cincinnati

Sportsmanship - Ohio Army National Guard of Walbridge Ohio

TDC’s Chairman’s Off Course Award - Jason Imhoff (Walmart – Grove City Terminal) Hometown - Ashland

Team Trophy – R + L Carriers LLC - Wilmington

Rookie of the Year – Daniel Dirlam (FedEx Freight) competed in the 3-Axle Class, Hometown - Clyde

Grand Champion – Jason Imhoff (Walmart – Grove City Terminal) Hometown - Ashland