House Passes LaRose Initiative to Streamline Regulation, Improve Climate for Job Creation

6/3/2014, 10:24 p.m.

COLUMBUS —Senate Bill 3, sponsored by Senator Frank LaRose (R- Copley), passed the Ohio House of Representatives today. The legislation builds on the regulatory reform initiative begun in 2011 with the passage of Senate Bill 2. Altogether, the bill represents a strong push to encourage economic growth and job creation by eliminating antiquated, unnecessary or nonsensical rules and regulations.

“Easing the burden on Ohio’s entrepreneurs and small business people, while maintaining an efficient and effective regulatory system is important to attract and maintain jobs,” said LaRose. “We must maintain the critical protections of effective regulation while also eliminating superfluous red tape which only perpetuates bureaucracy and stifles job growth. Our bipartisan bill does that.”

The bill adds a number of improvements to the current rule-making process by increasing communications between state government and small businesses. Senator LaRose was instrumental in developing a rule watch website, www.RuleWatchOhio.org, which makes the rule making process more transparent, allowing Ohioans to voice their concerns and provide valuable input. The website includes tools that allow users to sign up for notifications on rules that impact specific subjects or industries. Senate Bill 3 will codify this new tool to ensure that it remains a one-stop shop for tracking new and revised government regulations. Through systematic and transparent reviews as well as greater public involvement, state agencies will be able to adjust or eliminate regulations that hinder economic development in Ohio.

“There must be rules to protect against those unscrupulous operators who would allow self-interest to trump civic virtue; however we cannot allow cumbersome and unnecessary regulations to continue deterring business in Ohio,” added LaRose. “The solution to Ohio's economic challenges is better, smarter government, and in some cases, less government. Ohio has always been a great place to live and raise a family. Senate Bill 3 ensures that Ohio has a thoughtful approach to government regulation which considers a cost-benefit analysis before acting.”

Senate Bill 3 incorporates the suggestions of numerous small business and industry groups. It benefitted from the collaborative efforts of; the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) staff, fellow legislators from both parties, the Common Sense Initiative Office (CSIO), and findings from the 2008 Ohio Regulatory Reform Task Force Report.

The bill will now return to the Ohio Senate for a concurrence vote prior to being presented to the Governor for his consideration.